Monthly Archives: September 2013

Value of mobile solutions for Healthcare

As the healthcare professionals, care takers as well as patients become mobile, it is necessary for the healthcare applications to take advantage of mobile devices to deliver information securely to the authorized audience. Mobile platforms has become more user friendly, computationally powerful, and readily available, innovators have begun to develop mobile apps of increasing complexity […]

Benefits of Cloud Technology for Healthcare

Are you wondering why there’s so much buzz around cloud computing? Do you know what it means to have cloud-based services working for healthcare systems? Cloud computing is more than just a passing technology trend. It’s the current and future means for conducting business around the world, from financial services to retail to healthcare. But […]

Apple Technology advancing towards Healthcare

It’s the next gen where cellphones or, mobile technology is coming into play with its fascinating contribution to healthcare. So what’s the latest buzz that Apple Inc. is up to? When we think of “m-health” and using mobile devices to manage chronic conditions, e-prescribe medications and track how fast you run, the first devices that […]