Monthly Archives: October 2013

Don’t ignore Thyroid!

Do you feel tired or depressed just after a good night’s sleep?, have undergone sudden weight gain?, do you feel colder than most other people you know and also sluggish a lot of the time?. If so, these signs may be symptoms of Thyroid disease, which seems to affect  a lot of women. The thyroid […]

EHR Standards for India: A Move towards Integrated Indian Healthcare System

From the perspective of Indian Healthcare system, patients visit several health providers, throughout their life span, right from visiting a sub-center, community-center or primary-health centre in rural setups, or a general practitioner in his local vicinity, to a government /private hospital or clinic at the district, city, state or central level. Health records get generated […]

Iodine: Are We Getting Enough

There was a time when ‘Iodine’ was considered a ‘universal medicine’ that was used to treat a number of conditions like lung disease, colds and infections. To make sure that people get the required amount of this trace mineral in their diet, it was added to salt and flour. But by the 1940’s the importance […]