Monthly Archives: January 2014

EHR Usability: Enhancing Practice Efficiency

A user-friendly EHR focuses in on the three primary pillars of EHR usability: Simplicity, Efficiency and Design. Simplicity is all about knowing by instinct. An intuitive EHR does not require any learning curve. Efficiency should extend from the learning process to data capture. Charting should be fast and let you improve outcomes by recording accurate patient […]

Is your sperm count making you anxious?

A fall in the sperm count in the reproductive years is now a serious global problem and unfortunately the crisis is equally acute in India. According to specialists, the sperm count of a normal adult in India has plunged to around 20 million per ml, one-third of what it was three decades ago. Stressful lifestyles, […]

Be Alert of Thieves: Medical ID Theft!!

In many of our older posts, we have mentioned about Electronic Health Records (EHR). Importantly, it is one of the major concepts when we talk of healthcare IT. But ever wondered if your personal medical data is under threat from thieves? In other words, did you ever feel the need to be abreast and careful […]