Monthly Archives: June 2014

Behavioral Economics Driving Gamification in Health Tech

As gamification and game mechanics gain popularity in the healthcare space, so too does the need to understand primary motivational factors that influence human behavior. Gamification itself uses game elements and digital game design to address common business dilemmas and drive social change, and has been very popular with the military, airlines industry and even […]

Reason for Increase in Hypothyroidism: Negligence or Awareness?

Whenever you buy a packet of salt, what is the first thing you always check about it? The answer is quite simple: It must be iodized salt! Iodine is a vital component which can prevent loss of intellectual capacity by approximately 10 to 15 per cent among newborns, pregnant mothers and young children. Therefore, even […]

Wearable sensors are the future of personalized medicine

  Wearable technology that can monitor physical activity, collect data and deliver real-time feedback to individuals is the future of truly personalized care. Although technical challenges have limited mass utilization of sensors in the past, new prototypes of skin patches can detect temperature, heart rate, perspiration and movement disorders, and even release medication. We believe […]