Monthly Archives: August 2014

Why do we dream?

The human brain is a mysterious little ball of gray matter. After all these years, researchers are still puzzled by many aspects of how and why it operates like it does. Scientists have been performing sleep and dream studies for decades now, and we still aren’t 100 percent sure about the function of sleep, or […]

Cut down on Stroke Treatment times with Mobile MIM PACS

Regardless of the severity, patients who experience strokes need access to immediate care and medical imaging to ensure that they are treated adequately. The benefits of mobile medical imaging become apparent when healthcare providers look for new ways to reduce the amount of time required to treat stroke patients. According to the National Stroke Association, […]

New Medical App for Clinical Documentation Efficiency and Convenience

It’s no secret that there are plenty of medical apps that physicians can use to help them care for their patients. Advancements in technology have cemented the way for apps that provide information on everything from the right medications to prescribe to the latest in medical treatments for various illnesses. In minutes you can have […]