Monthly Archives: April 2015

Diabetics, watch out this summer!

For people with Diabetes, the heat and humidity of summer can be particularly hazardous. The season can give diabetics– skin and foot infections, bad breath and excessive sweating. The heat wave is damaging enough for anybody, but if you are diabetic then you need to be twice as cautious. One of the complications of Diabetes, […]

VaxNation- A free Immunization planner and tracker

When it comes to tracking vaccinations, most people assume their doctors have the list and will let them know what they need. But for kids entering college and older folks going back to school or traveling abroad, that list is important and may not be easily accessible, especially if they have seen several different doctors […]

World Homeopathy Awareness Week

The dilemma on the effectiveness of homeopathy has been in existence since its inception. Many health experts claim homeopathy to be a perfect tool where as some regard it as just sugar globules with no trace of medicine whatsoever. Here is a study on the topic to enlighten every reader with correct scientific wisdom about […]