8 Scary Monsters of a Hospital Information System You Should Be Aware Of

8 Scary Monsters of a Hospital Information System You Should Be Aware Of

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid- It is that time of the year when monsters come out of their hiding places to disturb your peace, but some monsters go around plaguing your mind throughout the year. These are the monsters that play with our technology, minds, haunt our work, and destroy our abilities and as a Hospital you should be really weary of them.

In celebration of Halloween and with the spirit of a little fun, we have given face to the monsters that mar your Hospital Information Systems and give you sleepless nights.

Legacy Codes: The Ghost

These are the old timers that wander the functionality of every Hospital Information System, talking about the legacy of times long gone, bumping around, mumbling about the good ol’ days, and rattling the chains of the times when they used to do all the work. They are typically found talking to the new codes, rambling on about internet explorer 6 and windows 98.

Every Equipment, Different File Formats: The Witch

Often seen in the Radiology department, these powerful beings drive every hospital staff crazy. Nobody can understand how they work, which software helps open them. Through some evil spell we end up with multiple files with different, creating chaos and confusion. Somehow they’re able to creep into every system and make sure it doesn’t function very well. It takes a special spell of Vendor and Equipment neutral solution to drive a stake through the heart of this monster.

Non Responsive UI: The Skeleton

These monsters just sit around and wait for someone to complain. Most people try to ignore them, but then they start getting all haughty and rattle the chains and bones of system across hospitals. There is nothing more satisfying to skeletons than to come up every now and then to disturb the peace. Portrait, landscape, font issues, screen sizes and multiple devices, one might never win. It never seems to stop. It seems nothing can ever make these skeletons happy.

Poor Internet Connection: The Werewolf

Watch out for the internet. You never know what phase it is in. Most of the time it is happy-go-lucky, with just the right megabytes per seconds to help you through your day without hiccups. And then, when you least expect it … boom. They transform before your eyes. The claws come out, the hair goes wild, and the next thing you know your internet speed from excellent goes to mediocre leading to increasing wait time and long queues.

System Crash: The Mummy

Just when you think they’re dead, that you have put them to rest and their souls are in heaven they come walking back into your life. Most often found in departments with heavy foot falls they cause havoc and tension across the hospital. They can be surprisingly effective and most often, they strike fear in the hearts of the hospital staff, hospital IT department and the patients.

Virus Attack: The Devil

They somehow seem to always find a way to get into systems. They smooth talk with the codes and it becomes hard to win any battle with them, as they always find a loophole. Every time there is a unique monster, and nobody can figure out how to handle it. Once they are in, you better call in the security and find a way out soon.

Hackers: Grim Reaper

These are the most powerful monsters of them all. They are the killers of ideas, crashers of systems, and destroyers of data. They live on the dark side, and strike fear in hospitals and healthcare firms the world over. With a simple and swift motion of their fingers, they can wipe out an entire hospital’s months of hard work. Their visit to the hospital information system is followed by a simple shake of the head by the hospital CIO and IT head, a crashed system and fading off of dreams of a relaxing weekend for the IT department.

Flexibility: Frankenstein’s Monsters

It comes in parts, right? Everything mixed and matched into something new and a little scary. This is all your new technological innovation, demands of the informed patient, increased hospital regulations and your own growth. Yesterday, it was responsive design. Today, it is all about mobile apps. Tomorrow, it will be wearables, virtual reality and predictive analysis. Nobody knows what scary and impressive creation will come next. One truly needs a flexible solution to cope with the changes brought about by the masterminds sitting around the globe.

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