Why Your HIS Needs to be Mobile Friendly? The Healthcare Provider’s Point Of View

Why Your HIS Needs to be Mobile Friendly?

Imagine a world where physicians would have access to all medical data for a patient at their fingertips, while a decade ago this might have seemed a bit of a long shot this is soon becoming a norm. With the phenomenal rise of the smartphone market we have entered an era where the focus has shifted from “at your desktop” to “on the go” and like every other industry the Healthcare industry is at the crossroads. Hospitals are supposed to know more about their patients and Doctors are expected to respond quickly and appropriately as their patients’ medical needs dictate. Here in lies the need for not only a comprehensive patient centric HIS but also a HIS that is mobile friendly and gives the power to the Healthcare Provider.

In healthcare, physicians’ smartphone/tablet use has grown exponentially.  According to a new survey performed by the University of Illinois at Chicago, more than 3,700 doctors and physicians around the country have revealed that the use of tablet devices to access electronic medical records (EMRs) and other health informatics tools is rapidly spreading. Doctors are focused on making sure their entire practice is mobile, too. In MedData polling in September 2014, 37% of US physicians said ensuring a mobile-friendly experience for their clinicians was top of mind when it came to info technologies used at practice.

Even more important, just as smartphones/tablets give us cognitive support in our personal lives, we need to look for solutions that do the same in the complex work of hospitals. Just as personal smartphones remind us that our friend’s birthday is next Saturday, hospital staff could use employer provided smartphones and technology to help them in clinical practices.

Now-a-days, everybody likes to experiment with new technologies and being mobile friendly is the way forward.

Freedom of Accessibility Take the liberty to access HIS from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are at your clinic or hospital or any part of the world. You can access and manage your schedules, patient records, prescriptions and even OPD/IPD case papers from anywhere at any time.

Knowledge Consumption –Information consumption through a smartphone is commonplace and the same goes for physicians. From case studies to new research papers, physicians access information from the internet all the time. Imagine a physician comes across a tough case and is able to get help for diagnosis online.

Smart Staff – A mobile friendly HIS helps your hospital staff to access information from anywhere. They don’t need their systems to do the same. This makes your employees look smart and improves efficiency. In-case of emergency, information is available within seconds.

Time Saving –With access of information anywhere and anytime you can take quick decisions and not only save time but also save lives.

Real Time Data Sharing –With more and more patients using wearables the HIS can also sync patient information from various devices providing real time data to physicians.

In the end, smartphone and tablet based solutions have significant potential to affect the patient-clinician relationship and improve the efficiency of the healthcare system.

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